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Anti Wrinkle Injections


About The Treatment

Cosmetic Injectables offer a diverse range of treatment options which will allow you to literally sculpt the face you want. Fillers, Antiwrinkle, Relaxants and Fat dissolvers are all used to create structure and correct imbalances in facial aesthetics.

You can plump up your lips, reduce or even remove wrinkles or deep skin creases, relax tense or strained muscles and even sculpt stronger jaw or cheek lines.

What To Expect

The Procedure

After undergoing a thorough facial examination and initial consult, a course of treatment will be recommended depending on your unique goals and circumstances. Any procedure involving needles comes with some mild discomfort, however, we are able to mitigate this through the use of local anesthetics and numbing creams depending on your level of discomfort.

Post Treatment

You will be able to return to your regular activities immediately and post-treatment care information will be given to you following the procedure.

The Results

Depending on your treatment, results may be seen instantly or they may develop over 1-2 weeks. Results generally last for approximately 3 months, however, this can vary depending on individual circumstances.


Initial Consultation – $165
(Covers Doctor consult, treatment plan and account set up

Filler – $750/ml
Antiwrinkle – $6.05/unit
Fat Dissolver – $880/vial

Ask Us

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