About The Treatment

Sometimes you feel like you are fighting an unwinnable battle against your body fat. Its as if the odds are stacked against you….Well they may be!

Your body’s fat cells act like a sponge, absorbing and releasing fat as needed. When you train hard and eat clean they release fat for burning as energy, but, the moment you slip up these sponges fill right back up again. It takes years and years of these cells being empty for the body to permanently rid itself of these cells and once gone it is much harder for the body to store fat.

Previously, you had two options to win the battle against stubborn body fat or to spot remove fat, Starve yourself and train very hard for several years, or have them surgically removed (Liposuction).

More About Treatment

Now liposuction is not without its advantages, however, you will pay the price for those extra helpings at Christmas with potential scarring, loose skin, long and painful recovery time and weeks of post operative care.

Coolsculpting now means that you can literally have your cake and eat it too. By employing a highly sophisticated (and patented) form of cryolipolysis, we are able to specifically kill your fat cells by freezing them. The cells are then metabolized by the body and removed for good.

Coolsculpting machines are extremely expensive and several clinics will attempt to use inferior counterfeit machines which yield ineffective and sometimes dangerous results. If it isn’t Coolsculpting, it isn’t Coolsculpting.

What To Expect

The Procedure

You will feel a very mild, cold discomfort for around 5 minutes at the beginning of the treatment.
The device will apply a slight suction pressure through its vacuum applicator for between 35 and 75 minutes.

Post Treatment

One of the great things about Coolsculpting is that it is a walk-in, walk-out procedure. You can get back to doing whatever you love straight away with no down time or recovery. You will experience some mild discomfort for a few hours after the fat-freezing treatment but this is a small price to pay for eradicating your unwanted fat cells.

The Results

It only takes one treatment to see noticeable improvement in stubborn fat areas, however, results will vary depending on your unique circumstances. To achieve significant improvement, 2-3 treatments on each target area is optimal. Results can be seen after 3 weeks, however optimal results will be seen at the 3 month mark.


Treatments start at $275 with discounted pre-paid packages available. Our technicians will help to tailor a treatment plan to match your unique goals and needs. Don’t spend another day looking in the mirror dissatisfied, book your consultation now and take action.