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Chemical Skin Peels


About The Treatment

A range of different peels are available to suit your unique skin type and skin goals.

Rejuvenating Peel is a perfect introductory peel and is available at a range of strengths to suit most skin types. This peel helps to encourage cell renewal, inhibit pigmentation and boost hydration, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Clarifying Peel offers a more specific solution to a range of skin problems. This treatment is great for assisting with the removal of acne, minimisation of pores and promotes and even and balanced skin tone.

Pigmentation Peel assists with the inhibition of melanin production and prevention of future pigmentation. This peel penetrates to the deeper layers of the skin and so some pre-treatment preparation.

Anti-Aging Peel is a complex solution which vastly increases cell turnover, resulting in noticeably brighter and healthier skin with improved tone and firmness. This peel penetrates to the deeper layers of the skin and so some pre-treatment preparation.

What To Expect

The Procedure

Chemical Skin Peels work by applying a type of chemical solution to the skin’s surface which causes dead skins cells to shrivel and flake off. The new, regenerated skin is left which ultimately gives you smoother, younger looking skin.

Post Treatment

The old skin may continue to peel for a couple of days and the fresh skin can feel somewhat sensitive. Direct sunlight should be avoided and skincare regimes should be carried out gently.

The Results

Most people experience a significant improvement with best results being seen after approximately 1-2 weeks. Skin peels are incredibly effective at treating acne and scaring, large pores, wrinkles, sun damage and aged skin. The new skin that comes through will appear fresh, supple and youthful.


Rejuvenating Peel – $120
Clarifying Peel – $140
Pigmentation Peel – $155
Anti-Aging Peel – $244

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